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Here in the UK, and around the world, many cars, trucks and motorbikes appear the same. One of the distinguishing features, to help a vehicle stand out, is a number plate. Consumers can choose from cherished number plates, or they may personalize their existing car number plate. Our specialization is in helping you create the ultimate number plate, which you can do by using our number plate builder.

If you car is red, you may desire a red border on your number plate, you could choose a manufacturers logo, a model could even integrate your company website into the number plate design.

Many of our customers attend car shows and are members of club forums, and we welcome enquiries from club members who wish to use our number plate design expertise in creating the ultimate club number plate. We are looking forward to establishing relationships with forums and clubs, not just here in the UK but globally too. For more forum and club number plate information, visit our Club Page. If you want to pimp your ride, the first step is to pimp your plate.

Below is a list of number plate sizes that we currently offer. The sizes you see appear as options in the drop down menu within our number plate maker. If the size you see is not listed, simply call us or email us with your requirements and we'll give you a quote.

Bike 127mmx117mm 127x117 5"x4.5"
Bike 152mmx114mm 152x114 6"x4.5"
Bike 152mmx127mm 152x127 6"x5"
Bike 177mmx152mm 178x152 7"x6"
Bike 177mmx165mm 178x165 7"x6.5"
Bike 184mmx107mm 184x108 7.25"x4.25"
Bike 191mmx165mm 191x165 7.5"x6.5"
Bike Special 203mmx51mm 203x051 8"x2"
Bike 203mmx152mm 203x152 8"x6" Special
Bike Special 210mmx160mm 210x160  
Bike 217mmx129mm 217x120 8.5"x4.75"
Bike 229mmx64mm 229x064 9"x2.5"
Bike 229mmx76mm 229x076 9"x3"
Bike 229mmx102mm 229x102 9"x4"
Bike-229mmx178mm 229x178 9'x7"
bike 235mmx178mm 235x178 9.25"x7"
Bike 279mmx76mm 279x076 11"x3"
Bike 279mmx203mm  Standard Square 279x203 11"x8"
bike Special 298mmx90mm 298x090 11.75"x3.5"
Bike 298mmx216mm 298x216 11.75"x8.5"
Special 305mmx76mm 305x076 12"x3"
USA Plate - 300mmx150mm 305x152 12"x6"
Euro Square 310mmx210mm 310x210 12.25"x8.25"
Import - 315mmx90mm 315x090 12.4"x3.5"
Import - 330mmx152mm 330x152 13"x6"
Mitsubishi EVO 6/7/8 -330mmx165mm 330x165 Small Japanese Import Square 13"x6.5"
Import - 330mmx180mm 330x178 Large Japanese Inport Square 13"x7"
Large 4x4 Rear - 330mmx203mm 330x203 13.5"x7.875"
Special 356mmx170mm 356x170 14"x6.34"
Import 356mmx178mm 356x178 14"x7"
3/4 size std plate- 391mmx84mm 390x084 15.375"x3.25"
Import - 390mmx150mm 390x150 15.375"x6"
Special 400mmx111mm 400x111 15.75"x4.375"
Special 508mmx152mm 508x152 20"x6"
Large 520mmx130mm 520x127 20.5"x5"
Large 520mmx140mm 520x140 Oversize Oblong  2 20.5"x5.5"
Large (Jaguar etc.) - 520mmx152mm 520x152 6" Oversize Oblong 3 20.5"x6'
Large 530mmx140mm 533x140 21"x5.5"
Range Rover Vogue Hse 533x152 21"x6"
Large 545mmx180mm 545x180 21.5"x7"
Special 548mmx138mm 545x138 21.5"x5.25"
Aston Martin DB9 550x171 21.8"x6.75"
Extra 562mmx148mm Oval 562x148 22"x6"
Jaguar S Type 99-04 Oval 565x165 22.25"x6.5"
Extra 565mmx165mm Rectangular 565x165 22.25"x6.5"
Extra 565mmx184mm 565x184 22.25"x7.25"
Aston Martin Vanquish 570x160 22.6"x6.4"
Jaguar S Type 05 onward Oval 585x174 23.2"x7"
Bentley Arnage Oval 590x170 23.25"x6.75"
Extra 620mmx144mm 620x144  
Jaguar XF Oval 620x175 24.2"x7"
Jaguar X Type Oval 635x175 24.9"x7"


If you do not see the number plate size that your require, email the team at and we will get straight back to you.


The simplest way to confirm the size of number plate you require is to measure the existing number plate on your vehicle. If, however, you require a different size to the number plate already affixed to your vehicle, simply make a template out of cardboard, and this will allow you to see how the size looks in relation to the rest of the vehicle.
All number plate sizes are approximate, and for custom sizes, we may have to make a small charge. Again, contact us with your requirements.

Personalized registrations, personal number plates...which ever term you use it doesn't matter. It is our choice as people to pimp our number plates. Car registrations allow us to individualize our vehicles, and our number plate builder enables registration plates to be visually changed. Choosing fonts, choosing logos, adding text, choosing colors, all essential options when creating car registrations or registration numbers.

Remember to check out all of our amazing designs. We have thousands of designs to choose from. We stock True Metallics, Gold, Silvers and now Chrome and Shimmer Gold. Our border categories are constantly updated, and we now have the Carbon Effect online.

Standard Size Frame for 520mmx111mm plates

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